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Our Process

Through our comprehensive discovery process and analysis of your unique business, we'll find the right solution to fit your needs: one that rises above the din and brings measurable results.

Information and Functional Analysis

Stage 1.0

Information and Functional Analysis

Stage 1 The purpose of this initial phase is to organize site content according to usability and ecommerce best-practices. With your input, we'll refine and quantify how your products should be presented and how users should interact with the website. We'll take a close look and critical areas like checkout, all levels of product navigation, and search features to ensure a friction-free user experience. The site will function and flow in a way that makes sense to your unique business. Get a Free Quote

Creative Discovery and Graphic

Stage 2.0

Creative Discovery and Graphic "Comps"

This is where we identify your target audience and determine the personality, tone, and style of your site ("look and feel"). We'll conduct research into your specific industry to discover (among other things) who are the market leaders, what is the visual language of your industry, and what separates you from your competitors. We'll rely on your input and suggestions during this research phase to form opinions about important "soft" factors like color, choice of imagery (ex: animate, abstract, iconic), and fonts. This phase results in graphical comps (mock-ups), which represent the overall "look and feel" of your website. Once approved, these comps go through a refinement process, resulting in a final version.

Prototype and Interaction Review

Stage 3.0

Prototype and Interaction Review

Having determined the information architecture, written content, and the "look and feel", we can apply this information to create additional. We design key pages, including checkout, membership sign up, and other dynamic and static areas. You'll be able to view exactly how the entire site will look and flow by logging into our staging server. Visual prototyping helps clarify remaining logical issues and helps ensure that the site appeals to shoppers - not just programmers. Get a Free Quote

Functional Integration and Testing

Stage 4.0

Functional Integration and Testing

Here we integrate the required functionality, test, refine, and check quality (unbroken links, correct calculations, correct implementation of all features and rules, valid HTML, proper form validation, and other quality and security checks). Once the project passes internal approval, we prepare a functional alpha site for your final viewing, testing, and approval. Now, you can actually test functions yourself and direct final changes before the final launch. At the end of this stage, all that remains is to migrate your website from our staging server to your production server and you'll be live.

Launch of Website and Support

Stage 5.0

Launch of Website and Support

This is always an exciting moment. What was initially just an idea, has now materialized into a tangible asset to your business. We perform a final quality check on the production server, move databases as needed, install SSL, and update your DNS setting, which makes the new site live. After going live, we continue to assist your business by providing free technical, design, and logistical support for 60 days. Get a Quote

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