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Take Yes for an Answer: Make it Easy for Visitors to Buy and Increase Conversions

You want to make purchases on your site as fast, easy, and frustration-free as possible. Let’s examine ways that some ecommerce leaders have done it.  Checkout Convenience Filling out a Web form (your checkout) is the actal physical action that does the “converting” of visitors to customers.  Checkout requires that a user ... [Read Full Article »]
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Use Color and Copy to Turbocharge your Conversions

Changes to your website's copy (wording) can have a big impact on its conversation rate, even if you're basically saying the same thing. Using A/B comparison testing, these websites optimized their sales copy over time.  Though the meaning stayed mostly the same, How it was said had a major impact on their ROIs:  Systropin did ... [Read Full Article »]
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Improve Your Conversion Rate by Increasing the Trust Factor

Build Trust to Sell More Stuff Before hitting “Submit Order," a shopper will evaluate your eCommerce site for trust indicators. The more they trust you, the more likely they are to buy. They can't see your smiling face and luxurious office suites. So, many eCommerce leaders use third-party reviews, testimonials, security seals and other ... [Read Full Article »]
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Shopper-Tracking Tools: Your Website’s Eyes and Ears

​ Everyone has an opinion. Everyone is an expert. After you've made large and small improvements to your site design, conversion funnel, marketing messaging, and have streamlined your usability, how can you test which of these changes made a difference? Could they have made your conversion rate worse? To convert more visitors ... [Read Full Article »]
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Understand Your Shoppers to Increase eCommerce Conversions

eCommerce shoppers aren’t an homogenous group. Some visit with a specific product in mind. Others are in the midst of deciding what to purchase and are open to suggestions. For some, Internet shopping is pure entertainment. According to usability experts Jakob Mielsen and Don Norman, there are 5 types of eCommerce shoppers. Product ... [Read Full Article »]
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Magento Shipping Made Easy with ShipStation

If you’re looking to change the way your business functions and operates, ShipStation is the premier web-based software designed to allow eCommerce retailers to effectively and efficiently process, fulfill and ship orders. ShipStation is integrated with the top carriers throughout the world, including the U.S. Postal Service, FedEx, DHL and UPS. How ... [Read Full Article »]
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Marketing Diversity: eBay and Your E-commerce Business

eBay Marketplace Statistics Within its first year of launch, eBay has grown from hosting 250K auctions in 1996 to hosting more than 24 million auctions in 1997. Fast-forwarding to 2011, eBay grew exponentially, boasting 200 million users and paying out nearly $34 billion to its sellers. Regardless of user numbers ... [Read Full Article »]
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