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Magento Shipping Made Easy with ShipStation

If you’re looking to change the way your business functions and operates, ShipStation is the premier web-based software designed to allow eCommerce retailers to effectively and efficiently process, fulfill and ship orders. ShipStation is integrated with the top carriers throughout the world, including the U.S. Postal Service, FedEx, DHL and UPS. How ... [Read Full Article »]
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Marketing Diversity: eBay and Your E-commerce Business

eBay Marketplace Statistics Within its first year of launch, eBay has grown from hosting 250K auctions in 1996 to hosting more than 24 million auctions in 1997. Fast-forwarding to 2011, eBay grew exponentially, boasting 200 million users and paying out nearly $34 billion to its sellers. Regardless of user numbers ... [Read Full Article »]
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The Continued Evolution of Magento SEO

Magento has seen some vital improvements when it comes to being an SEO-friendly e-commerce platform. Yoast has published an extensive guide that provides the most important tips, strategies and most effective practices for Magento SEO. In this post, we’ll comment on Yoast’s points, plus present some additional ideas. Since Magento is ... [Read Full Article »]
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PCI Compliance Demystified

PCI compliance is a topic that some Web developers and ecommerce companies use to hard-sell potential clients. PCI compliance is often portrayed as a kind of complex, labyrinthal process that needs close Web-developer supervision. Well, that’s not usually true. In this post, we’ll try to simplify the process and its steps. First ... [Read Full Article »]
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Top 10 Brands Using Magento

Magento is widely regarded as the most flexible e-commerce website development solutions available. Many big brands such as Samsung and Ford Motors prefer Magento over other e-commerce platforms because Magento offers valuable add-ons that extend the functionality of a website in many ways. For example, store owners can fine tune aspects of ... [Read Full Article »]
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Enhanced Magento 1.7 Features

The latest improvement to the features of the Magento Community platform 1.7 benefits the customer, the merchant, and the developer in many critical ways. The update is predominantly focused on providing a more personalized shopping experience for your customers, allowing the merchant to segment customers based on their unique behavior, ... [Read Full Article »]
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Improves Sales by Optimizing Magento’s Search

If you have an eCommerce site and you haven’t given due attention to your on-site search results pages, you should re-consider. Consumers often use on-site search to find products they are looking for quickly. A study initiated by MarketingSherpa discovered that searchers are almost twice as likely to convert as ... [Read Full Article »]
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Magento extensions worth considering.

1. Magento Easy Tabs This free extension will add Ajax-based tabs to your product-details page. Tabs are a great way to present a lot of information in a “pull” format that doesn’t cause shoppers to be overwhelmed with data. It can even be used for videos or sound files, or ... [Read Full Article »]
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