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Improve Your Conversion Rate by Increasing the Trust Factor


Build Trust to Sell More Stuff

Before hitting “Submit Order," a shopper will evaluate your eCommerce site for trust indicators. The more they trust you, the more likely they are to buy. They can't see your smiling face and luxurious office suites. So, many eCommerce leaders use third-party reviews, testimonials, security seals and other techniques to quickly build trust, in the absence of a warm human presence and physical trust markers. Some examples: 

  • Voice.com was able to get an astounding 400% increase in conversion rates by simply adding a series of their corporate client logos which include Microsoft and NBC.
  • Petco.com did a similar thing by adding a “Hacker Safe” seal to their site, netting them an annual sales increase of $2.6 Million.
  • OrientalFurniture.com got a modest 7.6% conversation increase by adding a guarantee security seal, assuring visitors that their information and privacy is a priority.
  • WikiJobs already had testimonials, but it was hidden at the bottom of their site. They found that their satisfied customers’ testimonials were much more effective when they were moved up to the top. This small change translated to an amazing 34% increase, illustrating the importance and power of customer reviews and recommendations.
  • Highrise took WikiJobs’ advice a bit further and found that using large photos of smiling customers on their homepage increased conversions by over 100%. They also found that NOT having a photo of smiling customers actually negatively impacted conversion by up to 22.75%.

Care to Kick the Tires? 

Online merchants need to compensate for shoppers' inability to physically inspect a product before buying. Many eCommerce leaders have found clever and effective ways to compensate shoppers for not being able to "kick the tires":

Customer Service as a Conversion-Rate Booster

These companies achieved considerable boosts in their conversion rates by using technologies such as live chat, proactive chat, and by simply listing a phone number to call:

Online trust can be difficult to gain, due to the virtual nature of eCommerce. While some sites may offer marketing "blow outs" and deep-discount promotions in an effort to increase sales, trust-building techniques are often highly effective, and more economical to implement. 

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