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Improving your ecommerce conversion rate.

1. Make your customers feel safe.

SSL should occur during checkout and wherever users enter their sensitive information, such as credit card numbers. Make sure that users understand that their information is safe by including links to your privacy statement. Templates for a privacy statement can be found here:

Consider subscribing to a 3rd-party security site, such as “Hacker Safe.” Make sure your contact information and company’s physical location can be found easily — not buried under a subcategory of the “about us” page.

2. Lose the hype.

This is where distracting animations, aggressive sales pitches, overbearing graphics, and too many up-sell offers can hurt sales. Keep up-selling unobtrusive. No “explosions” around special promotions. Avoid the endless-scroll effect of MLM marketers. No animated logos. Please avoid the temptation of using an animated talking sales rep. Experienced Web shoppers associate this kind of gimmick with a spammers and MLM sites. Keep Web copy simple and factual. Avoid “marketese,” which studies have shown erodes trust. Trust is a Web currency that’s redeemable as sales.

3. Use large, prominent calls-to-action.

The are two areas where subtlety can be a liability and not an asset: calls-to-action and navigation. Examples of calls-to-action are BUY NOW and ADD TO CART. These should not blend into the page. Avoid using a default HTML button. Calls-to-action should almost always be a high-contract graphic. Consider using a “reserve color” to make them really stand out.

Also, make sure the calls to action deliver what they promise. In other words, “Buy Now” should not go to “more details.” Keep calls-to-action within the first fold (screen) whenever possible. Assume that a visitor might be ready to buy at any moment — therefore a call to action should
always be within visual reach.

4. Consider live chat.

Live chat provides an opportunity engage customers in a way that static sales copy or even videos can’t achieve. It’s the closest approximation to traditional selling, so experienced brick-and-mortor salespeople can excel here. Chat is a tool that allows prospective buyers to get to know you in real time.  Customers are more likely to trust their credit cards to a site that can be reached at any time and that they’ve spoken to (and who were helpful and pleasant).

5. Consider A/B testing.

Shopping is a process that occurs in steps: reviewing categories, viewing product details, and scrutinizing other details about the website and business. Google Analytics is a great way to know get to know which pages are connecting with your visitors, and which are causing a click-away.

Magento integrates with Google Optimizer, which is a free testing and optimization tool. Website Optimizer can help you test alternate design, wording, graphics, or other changes and review which combinations lead to the highest conversion rates. Increase your site’s conversion rate over time by understanding how your users interact with the site. More info here and tutorial here.

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