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Magento extensions worth considering.

1. Magento Easy Tabs

This free extension will add Ajax-based tabs to your product-details page. Tabs are a great way to present a lot of information in a “pull” format that doesn’t cause shoppers to be overwhelmed with data. It can even be used for videos or sound files, or product details in PDF format. Keep your product-details pages tidy, and keep information about the 2nd fold. Go there now…

2. Canonical URLs

This is probably the number-one SEO extension, and it’s free! To describe it simply: this extension ensures that your pages are properly indexed by Google by avoiding unintentional duplications of content. Google penalizes for duplicate content, such as the same page listed once with WWW in the prefex and once without. Go there now…

3. Deeply Integrated Blog

A blog has become a Web standard. WordPress is the most popular Open Source blog, due to its ease of use. This extension enables you to associate blog posts and categories with products. Thus, you can display a list of associated blog posts on your product-details page Go there now…

Also, consider Aheadwork’s free blog extension. With this extension, you can tag your blog posts with your already-created Magento product tags! Go there now…

4. Google Analytics Enhancements

Track every individual page — including sections retrieved via AJAX during Magento’s one-page-checkout. Track the actual keywords entered by the visitor rather than just the Adwords the terms you bid on. Go there now…

5. Exploded Menu

Replaces the standard Magento menu with a multi-column drop down. The screenshot explains the concept it pretty well …  It’s similar to the functionality used on top ecommerce sites like www.Asos.com.

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